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Workout Of The Day

CrossFit Quarterfinals 1st WOD 31.3.22 (GW)


For time:

50 dumbbell walking lunges
30 handstand push-ups
40 front-rack walking lunges
20 deficit handstand push-ups
30 overhead walking lunges
10 strict handstand push-ups

2 x 50-lb dumbbells for all lunges, 3.5-in deficit

Time cap: 15 minutes

  • Heavy Day:


•Bench press 2×10 2×8 2×6 (ascending weight)
•4ss 10/12inlcine db fly 10/12 Dips •3ss 8/10 landmine kneeling prees/shoulder press 12 Tricep push down
•3×12 one arm skull crashers (no rest between sets) core 3x 40”/1’min farmerwalk
•Oblique tuck ups 16/20 •12/15 Back extension ghd)40”/1’min farmerwalk

  • Functional Body Building:

Upper body fbb
A1.3 sets of: 50 single unders 10 banded face pulls 10 prone scapular retractions
A2.superset 3 sets of: 8 bench press 6-8 pull up
A3. Superset 3 sets of: 10 Incline bench Db prone row 10 single arm Arnold z press
A4.10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Ring row Push ups Sit ups
A5.2-3 sets of: 15 banded tricep downs 15 banded bicep curls 15 banded deadbugs