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Workout Of The Day

WOD 12.7.24 (MGW)


4 Rounds circuit training 

1 min ON – 1 min OFF

1st Sled Push RX 100 kg 

2nd Ski Erg for Cal 

3rd Hand Release Push Ups 

4th Farmer Hold March 


  • Heavy Day:

Bodybuilding sessions

Back + triceps

A1. 4×12 lat pull down

A2. 4×10 landmine V row

A3. 4ss 10 chest supported prone uper back row+ 10 Incline dumbell skill crashers

A4. 3ss 10 cable pull over + cable/ dumbell oh tricep extensions

A5. 3x 15 crossed arm sit ups+ 12R 12L side plank knee to elbow

  • The Full Body series
  • Functional Body Building: