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Workout Of The Day

WOD 12.9.23 (GW)


20 min EMOM 

1st 16 Farmer Loaded Lunges RX 24 kg each hand,

2nd 10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

3rd 1 min max reps Box Jumps 

4th REST 


  • Heavy Day:


Day 1

4×8 front squat

4×16 back step farmer lunges (non alternate)

4×15 sumo squat Goblet/front rack dumbells

3×12/15 Swiss ball leg curls

3x 30r/30l side plank + 15/20 reverse crunches


  • Functional Body Building:
Lower body FBB
A1.3 sets of: 1’ assault Bike 20 Banded hamstring Curls 10-10 Unilateral Box step Down
A2.4 sets of: 8-10 Cyclist Back Squat
A3.3 Sets of: 8 Stiff Leg Deadlift + 20 -30 Seated Banded Hip Abduction
A4.8-10-12-14-16 Front Rack Forward Lunge Ghd sit ups *12 Cal Row after each round