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Workout Of The Day

WOD 2.8.22 (GWM)


20 min EMOM: 1st 9 Dead Lift RX 80 kg, 5/3 Bar Muscle Up, 2nd 12 DB Shoulder to OH RX 20 kg, 7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, 3rd 50 DU/SU, 9 Pull Ups, 4th REST.

  • Heavy Day:

Definition back-tricep

•Pull ups 4×10

•One arm row 4x10R+10L

•4ss 15 Lat pull down (cable) or trx high row  +10 kick backs (10R 10L)

•3ss x 10 dead stop bent over row+ 12 tricep push down (cable) or tricep overhead extensios  

•3SS x max close grip push ups +20 oblique sit ups


  • Functional Body Building:

Upper body FBB

A1.4 sets of: 10 Narrow grip press 6-8 supinated grip pull up

A2.4 sets of: 8 Deficit push ups 8 +8 Single db row

A3.3 sets of: 12 cal row 9 burpee over the box 15 ghd sit ups *rest 1 repeat

A4. 3 sets of: 10 bicep curls 10 hanging leg tucks 20 bench dips