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Workout Of The Day

WOD 25.1.23 (M)


40 min AMRAP Cardio Hardio Circuit Training.

Rotate every 2 min 

A.  Speed Fit Run,

B. Row Erg,

C. Echo Bike,

D. RX Drag Rope Single Under,

E. Rest 


  • Heavy Day:

Upper push

Strength part

2×8-2×6-2×4 bench press

4×8 push press

Definition part

4ss 10 Arnold press+12cable overhead tricep extension

3ss 12 dips + max tricep dips 3x ghd 10/15 back extension + 10/15 weighted sit ups

  • Functional Body Building:

Lower body FBB

A1.4 sets of : 10 Goblet Squat 16 Db Walking lunges

A2.4 sets of: 10 Romanian Deadlift 8+8 Back step lunges

A3.3 or 4 sets of: 10 cal Row 8 thruster 12 V ups 30 double unders

A4.3 sets of: 15 arch 20 glute bridges 20 flutter kicks