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Workout Of The Day

WOD 4.10.23 (M)


Partner WOD

3×9 min Stations of work.  

A. 1000/800 m Run, then Max Cal I Go you GO 10/8 Cal Echo Bike.

B. 1000/800 m Run, then Max Cal I Go you Go 10/8 Cal Ski Erg,

C. 1000/800 m Run, then Max DU I Go you Go 50/30 DU or 50 SU 

2 min REST Between stations.

  • Heavy Day:

Day 2


4×8 pull ups *weighted if possible

4×10 lat pull down wide grip

4x10R/10L one arm dumbell row

3×12 try face pull + 12 seated db curls

3×10 barbell bicep curls

3×8/12 leg raises from bar +10/15 weighted sit ups


  • Functional Body Building:
Lower body FBB
A1.3 sets of: 1’ assault Bike 15 sissy squat 15 Seated weighted calf raises
A2.4 sets of: 20-15-10-5 Back squat
A3.3 Sets of: 12-12 Single leg RDL + 20-20 Cossack Squat
A4.4 sets of: 15 Russian swing + 10 box jump + Assault bike(40’’-60’’-80’’-100’’)