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Workout Of The Day

WOD 7.4.23 (MGW)


2 Rounds of Work.

3 min Work, 1 min REST. 

A. Sled Push RX 100 kg, B. Max Cal Ski Erg, C. 9 Ring Rows, 9 Ring Dips, D. Max Cal Speed Fit.


  • Heavy Day:
A.12-10-8-6-4 deadlift
B. 4×6/10 strict pull ups Definiton Triset
C.3x 10 dead stop renegade rows + 10 side shoulder raises +10/15 db bicep curls rotation
D.3x10r/10l concentration bicep curls (no rest between sets)
Core 3×6/8 half Turkish get ups 10/15 ghd back extension
  • Functional Body Building:
Functional Bodybuilding
Full body
A1.5/6 sets of: 100 m Run 15’’ Ring plank 20 Russian twists
A2.5/6 sets of: 100 m Row 20 jumping ropes 15’’ Side plank Right 20 jumping rope 15’’ Side plank Left
A3.5/6 sets of: 300 m Echo Bike 16 Renegade Rows