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Workout Of The Day

WOD 28.11.22 (WGM)


20 min EMOM 1st 16 Alternating  DB Hang Power Snatch RX 20 kg, 2nd  12/8 Box Jumps RX 60 cm, 3rd 16/10 Cal Echo Bike, 4th REST.

*Add 1 Cal at Echo Bike, and 1 rep at the box jumps  after every round.  

  • Heavy Day:

Pull session

12-10-8-8 deadlift

4x S.S:8 chin ups + 10 alternating bicep curls

3xS.S 10 chest supported wide grip dumbell row+ 10trx bicep curls

Core:8R/8L Half Turkish sit ups+ 12 reverse snow Angel’s 

  • Functional Body Building:

Upper strength

A1.3/4 sets of: 8/10 Narrow grip Bench Press 8/10 Chin ups

A2.3/4 sets of: 8 Push ups on parallette 8+8 single arm Db row

A3. 3 sets of: 10 burpees 15 sit ups 40’’ echo bike

A4. 3 sets of: 12 Db bicep curls 12 Db tricep extensions 12 Russian twists