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Workout Of The Day

WOD 3.12.22 (GMW)


Benchmark ANGIE

For time 100/60 Pull Ups, 100/60 Push Ups, 100/60 Sit Ups, 100/60 Air Squat 

*Buy in 800 m Run.

Endurance WOD 

Circuit training  

A.4 min Speed Fit, Row Erg, Echo Bike 

B.3 min Speed Fit, Row Erg, Echo Bike 

C.2 min Speed Fit, Row Erg, Echo Bike 

*3 min Rest Between Sets,  30 sec Rest between ergometers.



  • Heavy Day:

Upper body B

A. 4×10 narrow grip bench press

B. 4×10+10 incline bench press drop set

C. 4ss 10 weighted dips 10 Seated bicep dumbell bicep curls

D. 4ss 10 top down bicep curls max effort Tricep dips

E.30″/45″ L sit hold + 1/1.30 plank

  • Functional Body Building:

Full body

A1.3 sets of: 8 cal Ski Erg 10/10 Single arm Db clean n press 6 burpees

A2.3 sets of : 8 cal echo bike 10 Goblet Cyclist squat 12/12 Banded single leg Hip thrust

A3.3 sets of: 8 cal Row 8-8 Bulgarian lunges 8 Swings

A4. 3 sets of: 12/ 12 Side hip raise 10 alt V ups 20 toe touches 10’’ hollow hold