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Workout Of The Day

Valentine’s day WOD 14.2.24 (M)


Valentine’s day WOD

A. Part 

14 min AMRAP Row Erg for Cal.

Partner A Row, Partner B Rest 

Every 1000/800 m Row completed as a team – 50 Partner med Ball Sit Ups RX 12 kg

2 min REST 

B. Part 

14 min AMRAP DU/SU

Partner A DU/SU, Partner B Rest

Every 360 reps completed as a team – 400 m Run.

  • Heavy Day:
Uper body 1
2×10 2×8 1×6 bench press
4×10 push press
4ss 10 dips+12 Incline dumbell Flys
3ss 10/15 push ups+12 trx tricep extension
3ss 12 weight ghd sit ups +15 reverse snow angels
  • Functional Body Building: