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Workout Of The Day

WOD 11.3.24 (MG)



Three Parts Workout 

a Part 7 min AMRAP Max Cal Echo Bike 

b Part 7 min AMRAP Max Rope Climbs 

c. Part 7 min AMRAP Max Burpees 

*There is no extra rest between parts.

  • Heavy Day:
Lower body
5×5 front squat
4×8 deadlift
4ss 12 deficit squat + 12 leg aductors
3ss 20 alt back step curtsy lunges+15 glute bridges
3ss 12 palov press (R/L) + 10 strict leg raises bar
  • The Full Body series
Full Body upper focused
Back squat 3 x 8-10
3 sets of 12(each leg) Dumbbell split lunges ss leg curls
15 Bench press
3 x 8-10 Barbell row
3 x 8-10 3 sets of Lat pull down 12 ss dumbbell chest flies 12
3 sets of Dumbbell Bicep curls 12-15 ss cable tricep extension
3 sets of V ups(or situps)15-20 ss side plank hold 30-40 sec
  • Functional Body Building: